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JOYO Deluxe Crunch Pedal

JOYO Deluxe Crunch Pedal


  • 2999


Excellent Condition, Couple of minor scratches

Deluxe Crunch pedal nails the crunch distortion sound, presenting the same effect as modern high-gain amps or vintage, hand-assembled tube monsters that fulfill the rocker deep inside you!
It has a more subtle and bright sound that can be dialed back to shape an iconic sound that no one else can replicate.
Deluxe Crunch sounds massive and timeless. Less harsh than a Rat or DS-1. A very fluid and musical effect that works with any genre of guitar playing.
With 4 brilliant white knobs, the pedal offers more than just a a single "Tone" knob.
The gain that can be achieved from this pedal sounds like a combination of Jimi H and Eddie VH.

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