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(USED) Squire Bullet Strat Project 2010


  • 7999

This was someone's art project and the body and pickgaurd were painted at one point. We tested all the components and cleaned them. The guitar is light and plays well when put together. It has all its parts and will arrive with the pickaurd and jack not hooked up. If you would like us to assemble it and put strings on as is, we can certainly do that.
- 7 Lbs.
- All components are working
- No fretwear
- Plays well
- Top has been finely sanded
- Pickgaurd has been finely sanded
- Parts are yellowed (tobacco stains)
- Neck pocket crack (not structural)
- Crack by the bridge
- Dings on the upper edge of the body and a couple more on the top

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